AMSPs are Aprroved Maltego Service Providers. AMSPs are individuals and organisations that are on our approved list of developers and integration specialists who have used Maltego extensively and are capable of technnical integrations. AMSPs know both the limitations and the capabilities of the tool.

What does an AMSP get?

  • Express channel to Maltego developers, designers and experts.
  • Access to solution experts to assess solution design / verification and advice.
  • Higher priority for bugs in the fix queue.
  • Prioritized feature requests.
  • Disclosure of short and medium term feature roadmaps.
  • Access to pre-releases (client, server, libraries) to ensure compatibility with AMSPs' solutions.
  • Prior notification of any protocol changes, possible features that might interfere with AMSPs' solutions
  • Access to non-public documentation and/or videos of Maltego.
  • Access (for internal use) of all Maltego training material generated by Paterva.
  • Best effort in keep new Maltego versions (client/server/libraries) compatible and in working order with AMSPs solutions.
  • Assistance in migrating current solutions to new versions of the software as/when it occurs.
  • Public recognition as an AMSP (e.g. we'll list you on the website).
  • Training of AMSP staff (within reason) on Maltego integration.
  • Discounted servers and clients for use in a solution (%s to be determined)

How do I become an AMSP

If you are interested in becoming an AMSP please email us at with a brief description of yourself / organisation as well as an idea of the projects you are currently developing.

From here we will evaluate this internally and send you the information about the following steps for the tool.