The setup of the (i)TDS server allows for a very simple distribution of transforms. Transforms via the TDS are distributed very simply and easily with a URL which points to a Seed. This seed is automatically generated on the TDS and can easily be added to any Maltego client in a few steps:

Copy the Seed URL from the TDS

First you need to get the Seed URL from the (i)TDS. Browse to the 'Seeds' screen by simply navigating to the home screen of the (i)TDS and clicking on the 'seeds' link. From this screen you can either click the 'Copy to Clipboard...' button or manually copy the link in the 'URL' column of the table:

Once you have this seed URL you can simply save this somewhere so that you can send it to all the analysts that will need to configure their Maltego clients. The next step describes the Maltego Client setup that will need to be done on each Maltego Client.

Setup Maltego

Seeds are added to your Maltego client from the Transform Hub by clicking on the last transform hub item which is a green plus (+) button as shown below:

After clinking the green plus (+) button the Add Transform Seed window will open as shown below. Here you can add your seed URL as well as other details about the transform seed:

After entering your trasform seed URL and the other fields for the seed you can click "OK" and then "Install" as shown below. The Transforms from your seed will then be installed to your Maltego client.

Well done! Your Maltego client is configured!