Export / Importing

Exporting and importing your configuration from the iTDS is a very simple process and we recommend that you do it a regular basis! The iTDS offers backups both in plaintext (not recommended) as well as encrypted format. To import and export from your iTDS, first install your client side certificate in your browser. After that you can browse to the 'Backups' section of the iTDS as seen below:


After that you will see the options for both Importing and Exporting under their relevant headings:


These forms should be relatively straight forward, to export with a password (recommended) simply type in your password into the two fields and hit the "Create Backup" button. You will then receive a file back from the webserver with your backup.



To restore a backup select the file by clicking on the 'Browse..' button, type the password used within the previous export and click "Restore Backup", it should look as follows: