Local Transform Distribution


One of the con's of local transforms (as seen from this page) is that they are not very easy to distribute. However there are a number of different ways to handle the distribution.

Exporting Configuration

If you are exporting local transforms between boxes that can be configured in the same manner for local transforms (paths and environments) then the simplest way to distribute local transforms is to export your configuration. You can read about exporting your configuration at the exporting your configuration page. From the export wizard you can simply select only the 'local' server which will export the local transform configuration. Next you can copy the required files for the transforms to the same paths on the second machine and the transforms should simply work.

Manually Adding

If you are moving between different operating systems you can either import as above and then in the transform manager manually change each of the transforms settings or you can simply manually recreate each of the transforms.


The Canari framework also offers a means of creating a custom export file for you to import into Maltego to do cross platform support.